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Getting Started with Home Phone

How do I start my telephone service?

It's simple to get started!

Step 1. Click your state link (in the table below) to view pricing for your telephone service area.

Step 2. From your state's web page, click on the "Order Now" button if you'd like to order service on-line. Or, if you prefer, dial our

Sales Hotline

Step 3. Fill out the order form** on-line and submit it. For those qualified for Lifeline service, you'll need to present proof of enrollment in a qualifying program or proof of income, along with a picture of your drivers license or state ID. The application will then be processed promptly, within 2 business days. Most service is active in 3-7 business days. Many customers that have had service at their address in the past see their phone active within a day.

It's really easy! We'll get your service ordered right away.*
Activations are usually completed in 3 to 7 business days.

Click your state below to see pricing for your area:
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Arkansas Michigan Tennessee
Florida Mississippi Texas
Georgia Missouri Wisconsin
Indiana North Carolina  
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* Many states offer plans that have free promotional periods. However, if there is a charge for the plan you've chosen we must receive payment before we activate your service.
If you are ordering one of the Lifeline assistance plans, we must receive a signed certification form from you or you will not be eligible for the Lifeline discount. The Lifeline certification form is integrated into the on-line ordering process for most states. If you ordered your service over the phone you'll need to submit a Lifeline form by logging into the customer portal or by printing it and sending it in. It can be sent in via fax, mail, text, or email. Also, as of June 1, 2012, you must submit proof of your enrollment in the qualifying program (i.e. Medicaid, Section 8 housing, etc), or proof of income if qualifying base on income.
** On-line ordering not available in all states at this time.

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