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Home Phone Service in Texas

Do you need new home telephone service in Texas?


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  • Lifeline Government Assistance

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* Plus taxes and fees. $25.70/mo plan includes Lifeline government assistance discount. $38.45/mo without government assistance.

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We also Offer:

  • Government Assisted Lifeline Home Telephone Plans
  • Internet Service
  • Cellular Phone Plans
  • Long Distance Minutes Plans
Government Assistance
We'll get your phone connected right away. If you are currently receiving some form of government assistance like Medicaid, Food Stamps, SSI, etc, you are qualified for our government assistance program and will enjoy our low government assisted home phone rates as low as $25.70/mo ($38.45 without Lifeline).

Your best choice for Texas Home Phone Service

Texas Home Phone


$25.70 / mo*

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* Plus taxes and fees. Prices vary by carrier and state. $25.70 is for government assisted Lifeline service.

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  • Free first month
  • No Activation Fee
  • $25.70/mo with Lifeline

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* Lifeline Government Assisted plans. AT&T areas of Texas. $25.70 price includes Lifeline discount.

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Home Phone connected NOW!

We'll connect your service in Texas regardless of your credit score or past due bills with other providers.
Through the Lifeline government assistance program, we can help low-income families get pay as you go home phone service at discounted rates.

Expert Phone has been providing home phone service since 1999. Our basic home telephone service in Texas allows 911 access, the ability to call toll free numbers, and unlimited local calling.
Service is blocked where a fee is charged on a per call basis.