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The FCC requires that all Lifeline applicants complete a Lifeline certification form and provide proof of their eligibility.
Please take a moment to read these requirements before proceeding with your order. New requirements based on the FCC reform of Lifeline are included.

Order by calling our Sales Hotline at 1-877-273-1643

Or, order online by clicking below

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1. Lifeline Certification Form

Each applicant for Lifeline assisted phone service is required to submit a signed Lifeline certification form. It is included as part of the ordering process when you click to "Proceed with Ordering"

2. Proof of Eligibility

You can qualify for Lifeline assistance if you are currently enrolled in a government assistance program (like SNAP, food stamps, Veterans Pension, Medicaid, etc. see requirements here), or based on your total household income. You must provide proof of your eligibility (approved forms of proof are listed below). You can submit a picture or scan of an acceptable document / card or a pdf file, etc. Only one form of prooof is required. Submission of proof is not requested during the ordering process that you are about to complete on-line. However, we cannot activate your service until we have your proof.
To submit your proof, you can email it, fax it, mail it, text it, or upload it. If you have it available, come back to this page after you've completed the on-line order and go here to provide proof to us (or click "Submit Proof" in the navigation bar at the top of this website). Make sure to record your new account number received during the ordering process and enter it when you submit your proof document.

3. Connection Fee Payment

Before we compete your order we will need to receive a connection fee of $29.99 (some states are less with promotions). You will be prompted at the end of the ordering process for payment using a credit/debit card. If you don't have a credit or debit card, we can accept a money order, or money gram. However, if you choose to make your payment with one of these methods rather than a credit or debit card, you'll need to call our sales hotline at 1-866-202-2767 to place your order rather than use the online process.

Click the button below for more information on proof requirements and on how to submit it.

Provide Proof Documentation