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Free government phone plan. 1000 minutes per month, free handset.

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What is Lifeline?

Lifeline is a federal program that provides a discount making basic telephone service more affordable to low-income families. More on Lifeline.

Long Distance Troubleshooting

Verify that you are using the correct access number.
Check your account status. Long distance minutes are valid through your account due date. When you make your renewal payment, your long distance minutes are refreshed starting the day after your due date. If your account is past due, your long distance minutes will not work until your renewal payment is made.

Did you receive my payment?

Go to the customer portal if available. Log in to check your recent payments. Otherwise, call customer service.

What is my account balance?

Go to the customer portal if available. Log in to check your account balance. Otherwise, call customer service.

How do I use the features on my phone?

Go to your carrier's website for feature instructions: